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Russell White Marine provides insurance services in the following areas:

Trade and Logistics

Whether in transit by land, Sea and Air we have the specialist knowledge and experience needed to arrange effective protection for all types of Cargo anywhere in the world.

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Comprehensive cargo cover for a broad range of trader commodities warehouse to warehouse and in store world-wide including Soft; cocoa, coffee, sugar, cereals etc and Hard; steel, base metals, precious metals, Liquid; bulk oils and similar.
Specialist cover for carriage of large, complex and outsized dry cargoes, heavy lift transportation of oil rigs to generators and all forms of infrastructure for project delivery world wide. Supported by a range of ancillary liabilities.
Specialist protection for key Suppliers and Contractors for project goods in transit to site including Loss of Profit, extra Costs and Penalties arising from delayed delivery of goods breaching agreed time frame and start-up deadlines.

Livestock Insurance Solutions

Offering specialist solutions for the livestock trade

  • livestock in Transit
  • and on the Farm

All risks or restricted perils covering death or humane destruction from accident or injury and disease world-wide by sea, air, road or rail. Both single, or annual transit rotations or seamless transit & farm combined policies, to destination and in situ after arrival.

A range of policy extensions are available for voyage, quarantine and static risk for named government slaughter diseases, business interruption, prospective calf, theft, bull infertility, semen & embryo including Bespoke Solutions to fit individual operating requirements.

We only work with top rated specialist livestock insurers.
Cover for refusal of inspection authorities to allow import of perishable foodstuffs at buyers port of entry. Near zero tolerance levels for micro trace elements of illegal antibiotics and similar substances can result in rejection of whole shipments, with frozen seafood being a prime target. Including cooling machinery breakdown.
For traders and global product supply chain managers, covering financial losses and revenue resulting from breakdown and delays in the physical supply chain from factory gate to end receiver, including political interference, legal and deviation expenses with extensions for insolvency, contract frustration and repudiation.
Cover for exporters and traders involved in international maritime trade, for cargo, investments, cash flow and overseas assets:- Marine cargo War, Strikes, Riots, Civil Commotions etc.

Foreign power Confiscation, Deprivation, Expropriation and Nationalisation of assets.

Cross border Credit Risk solutions from pre-shipment embargo, to post-shipment insolvency or protracted default of buyer or supplier.
Specialist performance cover for traders combined with marine cargo insurance for protection of subsidy quotas or grants for agricultural exports flowing between manufacturers, receivers and the restitution authority.
Facilities arranged for high valued paintings, antiques and collectibles including precious metals, stones, cash, securities and other high value items in transit, and whilst being exhibited. For manufacturers, corporate collections, museums, galleries, armoured courier services, shippers banks and traders.
Protection of cargo, stock and inventory including raw material through work in progress and redistribution to finished product and delivery including extended storage.
Specialist facilities for transport of arms import/export sea, land and air world to world.

Shipping and Related Exposures

Our experience and understanding in this sector enables us to seek out the broadest and most commercial terms for Hull and Shipping Related Activities across the markets.

Loss of or damage to all types of Navigating and Working vessels and craft world-wide. Increased Value, Freight, War and allied perils, Blocking and Trapping, Terrorism. Port Risks for laid up and working vessels.
Personalised super-yacht packages designed for world wide navigating sail and motor. Flexible new build yacht Construction and yacht Conversion cover. Extended services available for Yacht Marinas, Fine Art, Corporate Jet, high valued Bloodstock.
Specialist cover for Wet Towage of ship-shaped objects, oil rigs and Demolition deliveries, including own power deliveries.
Comprehensive packages for Yards or stand alone Project-Management builds. Ship Repairers Legal Liability whilst under yards care custody and control, including shifts and trials.
Providing cover for shipowner's loss of future Earnings resulting from Delay in a new vessel delivery or Non-Delivery, resulting from an insured casualty during the process of construction.
Cover for Ship Buyers against the risk of a shipyard or financial guarantor. Defaulting on a pre-agreed Refund Guarantee in the event of Non-Delivery in accordance with the shipbuilding contract.
Protecting the shipowner for Loss of vessel Freight or Charter Hire Revenue following a casualty covered under Hull and Machinery policy.
Shipowners Loss of Hire extended to include Additional Revenue Protection from a broad range of Trade Disruption events from emergency port closure to political perils. Including potential for Substitute Charter, Contractual Penalties, and remedial Handling Costs.
Cover for loss of profit for vessel Owners and increased financial cost of substitute vessel for Charterers arising from frustration of fixed-cost long terms charters.
Protection of Owners and Charterers daily operating costs against Delays resulting from industrial action ashore and own Crew.
Protecting Banks and Lenders interests for mortgaged vessels in the event of a casualty falling outside the agreed terms of the primary Hull and Machinery policy.

Mortgagees Additional Perils and Innocent Owners Interest in respect of liability for Oil Pollution in excess of owners P&I policy, and protection of vessels disponent owner against breach by Bareboat Charterer.
Shipowners comprehensive liability cover arising from the management or navigation of their vessels placed with International Group Clubs, Independent Mutuals and Open Market Underwriters.

Optional Freight, Demurrage and Defence (FD&D) in respect of Legal Costs and Expenses arising from Disputes.
Professional Indemnity insurance for Ship Agents, Ship Managers, Ship Brokers, Surveyors and other maritime enterprises for financial loss arising from errors or omissions of employees in the exercise of their professional activities and duties.

Directors and officers (D&O) liability is also available, protecting individuals corporate liabilities.
Flexible solutions for Charterers Contractual exposure for damage to chartered vessels Time or Voyage, Legal Liabilities to third parties and Cargo, Death and Personal Injury, Pollution, Sue & Labour, Fines. Defence, Bunkers and Freight cover also available.
Coordinated programmes for shore-side legal and contractual liability, plant and equipment, property damage, port craft and dry-docks, pollution and removal of wreck, contingent Business Interruption.

Marine Contractors Liabilities and physical damage arising out of the Construction of jetties, break water piles etc also catered for.
Responding to Owners, Charterers, Operators Liability for loss or damage to cargo arising from Breach of Contract of Carriage voiding Rights of Limitation and standard Protection and Indemnity cover, examples include Voyage Deviation and On-Deck stowage on Under-Deck Bills of Lading.

Other Specialities

Competitive All Risks cover for all types of underwater Equipment; Remotely Operated and Autonomous Vehicles, umbilical and Oilfield Service equipment. In transit, on vessel, rig, in store or on land.

Physical loss or damage cover for installation, burial and in situ Submarine Power cable, telecom Fibre Optic cable, and offshore Pipelines.
Fish mortality insurance for Onshore and Offshore Fish Farming world-wide covering a full range of perils from disease, pollution, chemical interference, and predators to Floating equipment, Craft and Transit.
Trade exposures arising from EU agricultural legislation for example subsidy/restitution protection insurance for export of sugar.

As a natural extension to handling of transport risks by air and our experience in cargo logistics, RWM offers an extended service to its clients in the field of aviation insurance covering Hull, Liability, Personal Accident, War & Political Risks.

Dedicated Aviation Criminal Investigation Legal Expenses Insurance for the corporate and employee, in response to increasing levels of prosecution. Reimbursement of legal and associated costs in defence of a criminal investigation/prosecution arising from an aviation accident or aviation incident coordinated with

  • Legal representation through leading aviation lawyer Sean Gates
  • Professionally structured group emergency response programmes
  • Top rated UK insurance security

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